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Designer Off Grid

Hello, world! I am Kathleen, a digital nomad, who loves to design with a purpose, and good intentions. I specialize in breaking down problems, solving them with design, and transforming them into beautiful digital products.

Design Portfolio
  • Making something look good, is easy. Getting the right message across is my forte. In this portfolio, you'll see different graphic design projects from various industries and clients that I have worked with around the globe.
  • Experience: I started working in a print shop at 16yrs old and have never stopped working then. I have always stayed within the design industry. So I'd say I have about 15 years of experience to date. Now you know my age.
  • Project Management Effective Written & Verbal Communication Time Management Typography Adobe Creative Suite Branding Presentation Design Bias Social Media Marketing
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eLearning Portfolio
  • Every day I learn. If I stop learning, I stop living. I treat each course material like I am cleaning up and organizing a new part of the closet(a.k.a the brain). At the end of a course, each learner should feel like they can easily apply the knowledge and build habits toward better learning.
  • Experience: My first role as an eLearning Specialist was in Malaysia. I was an eLearning designer & also a voice talent for K-12 subjects. I then became a UX designer helping course creators use our LMS for training. Learning is such a big part of my life, an essential skill that has helped me grow my career since day 1.
  • Absorb LMS Docebo LMS Degreed Learning Moodle Script Writing Vyond Animation Video Editing Game Development Articulate Storyline Articulate Rise Learning Survey & Reporting
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Web Development Portfolio
  • When I want to make design and learning pretty functional, my web development skills are a lifesaver. In this portfolio, I showcase projects that have a majority of UX/UI and Web development projects that I am passionately deep in the weeds.
  • Experience: I'm not a novice, but I started my path by becoming a UX/UI developer and have been in love with humanizing everything digital. I am constantly working toward becoming an intermediate Javascript Developer. This whole website was made by moi as an example.
  • HTML CSS Javascript Jquery Wordpress Bootstrap Adobe XD Invision App Sketch User Journey Mapping UX Research
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Passion Projects

  • Sail making & boat canvas
  • Vinyl Signages
  • Embroidery & Sewing
  • Instructional Design Book
  • Video Tutorials (Coming Soon!)


Super quick, excellent communication, felt like we had been working for years together.
Andreas Schroeter | Munich, Germany
You are totally awesome to work with and I highly suggest others consider you for their project needs.
Kevin Grant | US
Kathleen is professional, thorough and willing to do the extra bits that lift a project from a good experience to a great experience."
Joanne Flinn | Singapore
I have used Kathleen numerous times and am very impressed by her work and the speed in which she completes tasks. Highly reccomended.
Kirsty Koopmans | Australia
Kathleen is one of the finest graphic designers I have worked with in a 20+ year marketing career. Her work and level of professionalism is outstanding.
Steven Smith | Crystal Lake, US
Kathleen is incredibly easy to work with. She is a true professional that provides high-quality work and is willing to quickly and accurately make adjustments until the product is complete.
Liz Weber | Pennsylvania, US
Fantastic to work with Kathleen, High Quality and fast turnaround times. This was my first upwork experience and it was flawless with Kathleen.
Craig Totten | Georgetown, Canada
Kathleen was such a life saver! We had a quick turn request from a client and Kathleen went above and beyond to make it happen. She is hands down the best freelancer we have ever worked with. Thank you Kathleen!
Grace Smith | US
Kathleen is a great person, a great person to work with and very passionate about her work. Kathleen's creativity, understanding of software, hard work and ability to converse with others produces great results.
Richard Osiowy | Calgary
Kathleen was a dream to work with. She was quick in producing the work required taking into account samples of past work. This enabled us to turn around a professional looking report within a matter of days. I look forward to working with her again very soon.
Donna Hanson | Australia
Once again, I am very much pleased and satisfied with Kathleen's professional attitude towards delivering her work and really quality work I must say. She is a well disciplined and creative individual. Very much recommend her as a freelancer :D Thank you Kathleen!
Sofy Rahman | Singapore
Kathleen is an incredibly gifted Graphic Artist and so much more. Her work ethic is incredible and her presentation of her work is impeccable. I have worked with Kathleen on numerous projects for multiple clients and she has always delivered on time and on budget. She is dependable, gifted, honest and incredibly creative. I would recommend her to all my colleagues and business clients as I truly value her work and work ethic. She is a very rare breed in today's market place.

Klaude Furlong | Ontario